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New project 1988 MJ Comanche Pioneer


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Hello all...

I have been reading thru this forum for the past couple of weeks, and I really like that it has a lot of passionate members that really care about the Comanche. Many car forums have gone the way of the 404 link not found and it is good to see an active community.


He is the MJ that I just got Friday...


Back story...

My uncle passed away about 2 years ago and my aunt has been liquidating some of his assets. This 88 was used by him as a ranch truck. My aunt was going to just junk it. I stepped in and asked if she was going to give it away then give it to me. So she signed the title over to me. It does not run...now...but did back in 04 where it was parked and has sat ever since.

So my initial investment is 0. :D

However....I discovered a huge field mouse nest under the hood. I don't have a pic of that but I do have pics of the damage that caused... :fs1:


They pretty much ate every wire under the hood. So I have already been making a list, but any help would be appreciated.

I peeked under the carpet and it looks rust free, but will know more when I pull it completely out.

This is going to be a dedicated fun truck...no AC...rhino bed liner paint job...a no-nonsense kind of build. I will have more info when I can get back under it...

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Glad you were able to save it. Mice and Comanches are a common story. My first had a nest in the headliner. It had sat a while also. Just do what I did, pull it in the garage and tackle the problems 1 at a time. You're at the right place for answers and maybe parts. Welcome, I went to HS in Universal City(San Antonio) many years ago.

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welcome I have been picking the brains of the site for some time and this is the best resource you can have. Ask the question and you will get the $100 fix and the $1000 fix.

If the wiring harness is to fare gone, go find a 88 Cherokee (XJ) and strip the harness out of it. It might save you pulling your hair out with electrical issues down the road.

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I am located in Beaumont.


Do you think this is a good start for the wiring repair?




Wires and electrical parts don't scare me...so I am not shy about pulling everything and redoing it. Now suspension parts are another story...I have 0 experience with those...so It will be a learning process.

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