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Leaking fuel injectors

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Question: does anyone know any special or magical wizard way of seating the fuel injector o-rings? I've been fighting this for the past couple weeks and am stuck scratching my head. From what I've tried, the leaks have been around injectors #1,3, and 4. Upon installing, #1 o-ring was damaged twice but has since stopped leaking on attempt number three. The other two are the ones that really have me puzzled as they have been the worst of the three. I took the fuel rail apart again today to find that #4 was damaged and barely leaking, and #3 was not damaged at all but was was very much leaking. I should note that everytime that I put the fuel rail back together, I use a little petroleum jelly on the o-rings with hopes of not tearing them. Rather than going through more o-rings, I'm hoping that some one can help me out. Thanks everyone!

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Anoher day... another attempt. I gotta say that a little oil worked a bit better than the petroleum jelly, but I've still got a leak on #3. Perhaps this is time to take a look at swapping on another fuel rail? I took a long look at it while it was apart and everything looked fine. :hmm:

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I just went thru the same thing, same cylinder, new O-rings, removed and used green scratch pad to clean everything, put back together using vacuum grease, and all good...

Note I replaced every one, only do it once I always say…

good luck... B...

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