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what the JK should have been!


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Future Ford Bronco? I seen this on jeep news a while back a while back it looks ALOT like the new JK but it has a factory snorkle. and it has dana solid axles with locking hubs http://www.jeepnewsnow.com/modules/news ... oryid=1318


wiki has some more info on it here http://www.troller.com.br/t42007/


And the best link of all....

If ford brings this to the US its going to be a real JK killer!
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If they sell it as exactly equipped there, it would be very neat.



Other than it'd be a ford.



And they'll ghey-ify it, probably add IFS/IRS and turn the snorkel into a peice of plastic for looks, and use a gas engine.


yeah i couldent see ford keeping the snorkle. maybe the diesel engine hopefully the solid axles probably not the locking hubs(it would be awesome if they did though). i am a diehard jeep fan and if chrysler don't want to build real jeeps anymore maybe its time for someone else to. a bronco revival probably won't happen but if it does maybe the jeep brand could die with some dignity.

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bah, they'll never import it like that.

A few reasons:

Same reason the diesel libby isn't for sale anymore, EPA mandated diesel emission standards.

They'll have to ghey it up to meet new pedestrian safety standards and vehicle standard set forth by the federal government.

Ever wonder why all new cars look the same? Because there's only so many ways you can make a front end pedestrian safe. Ask my opinion and I'd tell you that the damned pedestrians should just not get hit by cars.

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States (SAO PAULO )of Brazil bought the company,not Ford USA

So I don't see any US conection



SAO PAULO -(Dow Jones)- The Brazilian unit of U.S.-based automaker Ford Motor Co. (F) has acquired small local jeep maker Troller Veiculos Especiais SA, a person close to the deal told Dow Jones Newswires Thursday.


The source, however, did not unveil financial details of the operation, which will be announced officially after a meeting between Ford's top executives in Brazil and Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva later Thursday.

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although that is a pretty sweet vehicle, i don't think there is anything wrong with the new JK, its like the TJ but slightly better in some ways, and slightly worse in others.

nothing wrong with the JK... my problem lies with the COMPASS, and the new trailhawk concepts.


WTF is that?!!?! it looks like someone smashed their dodge into a jeep a few times then took both of them, uglied them up a little, and stuck the peices together to produce a beater.


ugh. the commander is decent though, i like it.

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