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radiator fan switch insert

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well I'm pissed. my new radiator doesnt have one and its supposed to. is this a problem besides not kicking on the fan? i don't want to cut wires up and run a switch in-cab when there should be one in the f-in radiator. yes, i called the company and havent heard back :fs1:

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I am fairly certain that there is an insert that can be put inline with the bottom radiator hose but cannot find the part number right now. I will continue to look but if someone else has it they can chime in....


Is this the type/kind of item you are looking for???? http://www.summitracing.com/parts/ATM-2282/?rtype=10


What size is the sending unit? :dunno:

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well the company (radiator express) basicly told me I'm screwed. first he tried to say that any 84-90 jeep didnt come with an insert period. i said well come look at mine because its there and its stock. then he said it wasnt in the discription on the page. i went to it and read it to him. he over looked that ONE sentence. finally he said i could send it back and they'll send a new one. however, it may not have the insert either. he said they've never had a complaint on that radiator. so i said, i guess I'm the first out of (however many he said) to get @#$%ed then. he said i could send it back for a refund. ON MY DIME.


now this really pisses me off. i have a radiator without the insert and have to pay to get my money back. he said i should just spend the money and rig up a switch or spend the money to send it back for the rest of my cash. what kind of company is this!!! :wall: :headpop: maybe as the week goes on itll work its self out some more...........i doubt it though



anyway I'm looking at rigging up a in cab switch or finding whatever the guys posted above me said. help

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