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making led tail lights need help

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ok so my tail lights are broken so i wanted to make some led ones... what i got is 3 lead leds for the stop brake and turn and i got another "driving Light" led for the reverse lights but I'm not to sure how to hook them up because the stock xj used a 3 light system verses me using a 2 light system....i tried wiring them a couple ways but won't work.... this is how i tried first

What happens is when u turn on the turn signals it acts as if the emergency flashers are on... so then i tried this (just removing on major on one side)

Then everything works fine like that but when the brake lights are on i get no blinker??? any help again is greatly appreciated



Oh someone had mention a foreign to American tail light module or something? no clue where to find that i call some auto parts and they have no clue

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you need an electronic flasher unit, LED lights won't have the amp pull to start the standard flasher flashing

That may be part of the issue, but he's going from an XJ setup, that had separate, amber lights for turn signals, to an MJ style that blinks the brake lights for turns. The old/early XJ Wagoneers also did NOT use dedicated amber turns, and there was an entire tail end sub harness that was different in the XJ Wagoneers than what was in the XJ Cherokees.


The simplest solution now would be to get a "logic box" such as what's used to run standard, small trailer (4-wire) lighting off an XJ. Connect the logic box to the chassis harness per the instructions, and run your LED units off the output (trailer) side of the logic box.

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. i got a converter and wired it in and nothing...?? maybe i need more grounds? the convert wires are



green=right turn

yellow=left turn

brown= park/tail

so i wired it where i cut off the bulbs with all the grounds into one on the frame..

i took both the majors (brake i believe) and wired them to the red wire

then the right turn wire to the green... left to the yellow...and took both minors(running lights) and hooked them to brown

But i get nothing

also the reverse lights are not hooked up but the grounds are... i don't know if that helps any but I'm kinda lost what to do someone help

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When I did the LED's on my XJ I learned a few things. Not sure if your using a similar setup as I did. I used 1 light for stop/turn, and 1 light for backup.


I used a draw-tite trailer harness that plug in-line with my factory wiring. I didn't have to cut any wiring this way and it simply was a "plug & play" setup. It converts it to a 3-wire setup to a 2-wire setup so I could use 1 light for stop/turn. The LED's simply run off the new harness. I also had to use an electronic flasher. The part number from my local auto-supply store was EL12 (2 prong).


Hope that maybe helps...





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