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Hey guys, new here from Atlanta. I have to admit, as much as I've always liked and enjoyed Jeeps/wheelin' I never really had the urge to own one until I started my current job. Being around the parts and people associated with the wheelin' world have really made an impact on what I want. But my goal is to have a streetable toy that can be driven to work 5 days a week on the highway and go out and have a little bit of fun on the weekends. I'm currently in talks with a guy off of Craigslist about an '89 4.0L, 5 speed, 4x4 in black, hopefully things will work out seeing as how that's exactly what I'm looking for. I look forward to reading and learning more from everyone!


Here are my two pride and joys I've restored/modded, haha.












Thanks for reading!

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Haha, thanks man! I work with Omix-Ada, I'd be glad to answer any questions you guys have with any of our products. The first thing I know to look for is the MC leak! I've been doing my research! The 89 is appealing since I'll have the good transfer case and 4.0L, not to mention I might not have the $#!&ty Peugeot tranny!

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Yea, I hope I get lucky, too! I'm already lucky there is a 4x4 around, most decent buys I've seen are 2wd! The wagon? Well it's come from completely stock to where it's at now. Run down of mods as follows from what I can remember right now:


1988 Civic wagon DX



B18b Integra DOHC- rebuilt. Currently has about 23k miles.

Ebay header - 4-2-1

Full exhaust 2.5" - Borla XS power muffler



Skunk 2 front shocks

Skunk2 springs & sleeves

Homemade extended top hats in the rear

New oem rear shocks

Wicked Tuning adjustable toe links



Stock steelies re-barreled


0 offset

195/50 rear Kuhmo's

195/45 front Nexxen

RT4wd center caps



Repainted with paint matched bumpers

Front JDM bumper

Tinted amber corners

EDM tails

OEM roofrack (not in pictures)




DC Intergra seats

NRG 2.5 quick release & short hub

1991 Momo Veloce (period correct for my car)

Rockford 6.5s in the doors

Sony Xplod headunit

Not installed rear speaker pods/Sony Xplod speakers

Short shifter with 2.5lb shift knob



Here she is stock in all her glory.



And the Cuda. (front of the driveway)


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Haha, na, not right now. The reason I want an MJ (besides being awesome) is so I can DD it for a month or two while I pull the motor from the wagon and throw in a 2.3L NA Vtec build. I'm shooting for 260whp/9k rpms. Considering the swap in it now has been rebuilt it pulls pretty hard for a 2300lb car! :D

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Welcome, remember you don't have to own a Comanche to be a member (it's one of the rules), hope the sale goes well.

LOVE that FC7 'Cuda, post its specs!!! What's the other E-body, another 'Cuda with a SHAKER? :drool: :drool: :drool:

Here's part of my 'Cuda collection :jump:

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It's just a slant six car I bought with 300k original miles. Right now it's got a 225 thats bored .30 over with an aluminum 4bbl intake and carb. I've got a 440 that I need to rebuild for it, but I'm trying to get my dad to trade his 340 for it. haha That's his '71 with a 340 slapstick he's had since '81. I've got a bunch of Cuda collectibles but nothing like yours!

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Hahaha, I guess that's a good point. I've loved the AAR since I was a kid, and I really enjoy road racing so an AAR is a prime example of what a muscle car is capable of to me. Straight lines are cool, but having that wide menacing machine screaming up behind you in a turn is something else! :) Thanks for the warm welcome!

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