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What cam should I run

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I'm currious about cams as well.. someday in the near future i plan on rebuilding my spare renix 4.0 as well. don't mean to thread jack but was allways wondering what cam and maybe stroker builds will still pass AZ emissions if at all. this truck may someday become a trailer queen but for now need to think.. street legal.

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I hate to say this, but researching this subject on another board, like www.naxja.org might get you more results. Theres a lot more people over there, thus youll be more likely to find some info on a subject like this. All us MJ guys are either too poor, or too content with what we have to mess with aftermarket cams. :( Good luck.

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I will be building my motor for my truck. I am looking for more usable power in the 1K to 3K rpm range. Using a 99XJ block, this is my current plan:

- Stock 4.0L Crank and Rods

- Comp Cam 68-321-4 Camshaft

- Sealed Power Pistons 0.030" over



Compression Ratio: 8.95:1

Dynamic Compression Ratio: 7.77:1

Quench: 0.051"



Head Gasket: Fel-Pro 0.051"

Camshaft: COMP Cam 68-231-4

Lifters: 822-12

Valve Springs: Mopar High Performance P5249464

- Retainers: Mopar High Performance P4452032

- Locks: Mopar High Performance P4529218


Ford 19lb or SRT4 Injectors

Banks Header


I will be contacting my machine shop to talk about my plans next week to see what he thinks.

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