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transfer case drop question

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I am in the process of swapping from my ba10 to an ax15 and i am told that the ax15 sits 1 inch lower than the ba10..


i can't seem to find the cross member i need for my MJ but i found a 1 inch crossmember drop an rustys offroad website.


my question is if i use the 1 inch drop will that mess up my drive angles for the front wheels? my jeep is at around 1 to 3 inch above stock



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if you combine a AX-15 with a peugeot crossmember with a 1" crossmember drop it'll all balance out to normal. :thumbsup:


don't buy a kit if you can make one. it's just 2 pieces of metal with holes in it. nothing complicated. or better yet, ask in the classifieds since frequently MJ kits mistakenly come with them and the owners don't use them.

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