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EGR Valve Removal

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This AM I decided to replace the stuck EGR Valve on my 88 4.0. My problem is I can't get anything to fit in beside the existing valve to remove the t40 bolts. Anything longer than about an inch won't go in straight and tight and I don't wan't to strip out the bolts. Is a special right angle t40 tool needed ? Or how else can I get them out short of crushing the sides of the existing valve ? Or? All help appreciated....Thanks

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A long, long time ago when I did mine I remember cutting off whatever it took to get to the hardware. For reassembly, I used allen head hardware since the head is smaller but kept the same thread.


Finally I just got them out by using a home made right angle tool....a very short t40 tip held by a 1/4 box wrench..I tapped it lightly to break the bolts and to turn them a little bit to loosen them and then used a medium size flat bladed screwdriver to turn them the rest of the way out.... :banana: ...And thanks for the info on using allen head hardware...that's what I'm using when I put the new valve in... :cheers:

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