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BA10/5 stuck

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Just swapped my engine and finished assembling everything (RENIX 4.0, BA10/5, NP231). Took it for a spin and it drove great through the gears, then I backed it into the garage but couldn't get it out of reverse. This morning I removed the shifter, poked inside the trans and moved some rods, then replaced the shifter and was able to get it into 1st through 5th but not reverse. Decided to drive it and again 1st through 5th were good and I was able to get it in reverse no problem. So I backed it into the garage and again it's stuck in reverse, removed the shifter but can't move anything and now it appears to be stuck in neutral when I replaced the shifter.


I know not to spend money on the BA10/5 but I'd like to get it working until it's replaced with an AX15. Anyone have any suggestions? All help is much appreciated.

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It shouldn't do that,

Were you driving without the shifter bolted in?


I got jammed in two gears at one time when wheeling my old BA 10-5,

Ended up doing what you did, realigned it with a screwdriver, and bolted the shifter in properly after that.


It's possible you are in two gears at once if the shifter wasn't fully bolted down.

If you are, the driveshaft will not turn, Jeep won't move at all.

The only other thing I know that can screw up a BA 10-5 is if you use the wrong shifter.

YJ's used different shifters than XJ/MJ's.

If you mix & match shifters, I could see you having issues.


If its still stuck in gear after using a screwdriver to realign it,

Try taking the strain off the trans & wheels,

Either jack up the back wheels up off the ground

(Chock the ft whls obviously),

Or if its 4wd, put the t-case in neutral.

Should be easier to realign then.

Good luck.

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Thanks, I'll try that. I don't know what properly aligned is, I was just poking around, got any tips?

The shifter is original as far as I know and it was bolted in both times I drove it.



I was hoping you had left it loose,

would have been a good reason for it to have happened,

and an easy fix.


The YJ shifter handle is much longer (the part you see above the boot).

To keep the shift throws from being too long with such a long handle,

the pivot ball is mounted lower in the shifter housing (making the part that actually does the shifting, the tang below the ball, shorter).


If someone swapped a long handle/short tang shifter into your MJ, you'd probably know it (shift knob would be almost to the top of the dash),


so I'm gonna guess that maybe your shift tang is worn out.

I've never heard of that happen in a 10-5,

but since it's popping out with the shifter fully bolted in,

it's either that, or one of the shift arms inside the trans were somehow worn, or damaged.


As for lining up those shift arms inside,

I did the trial and error thing you did.

It was a long time ago,

best I can remember I cycled each one back, and forth through it's travel, and try to stop it in the center.


Good luck!

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