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Where do I find...

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This one...



The sticker...

When I eventually do a repaint, I want the set of 2. But all I can find are the huge decal/stripe kits... is this something I will need to have made or does anyone carry any New Old Stock on these?


Just Curious...


Thanks guys...

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That would be interesting, as that's the only original painted area on the truck. (Lower half of bed) And they look like OEM decals, but that's not to say that they weren't dealer install custom or the like... Well I suppose they could be made.


Just for reference it's a '91.

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Yep... Someone just left the script and removed the crazy stripes. If you just want the lettering about any custom decal place should be able to make a set that is close wothout much issue. Thos broken wavy stripes are unavailable as far as I know and may be harder to duplicate.


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