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rear long travel shock suggestions?

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I need longer shocks in the rear of my truck. I am SOA with a 6in lift up front. I had RC (not 2.2 the older ones) shocks in the rear. when the shop put in my rear 44 they didn't do anything with the shock mounting position so it had about 1in of down travel before the shock bottomed out. so finally got around to moving the top shock mount to the rear of the axle to give it better travel. set it so that at ride height it was half extended. well fast forward to last weekend wheeling, the shocks reached their limits when the axle was at full droop, to they tore the top shock mounts right out.

so I am looking for longer travel shocks but hoping to not break the bank. suggestions?



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Question are the shocks still good? if so

ever consider remaking the mounts to a lower point allowing longer travel?

if there already torn out now’s the time, plus much cheaper than new shocks?


just a thought... B...

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shocks are pretty much junk now. been bottomed out a lot and one has a large dent on the side.

the mounts are further back on the uniframe, moving them back more would be to much of an angle. and I cannot go much lower on the "frame". I could move the bottom shock mounts to the bottom of the axle tube but it would still fully extend at full droop.

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get an idea of what you need, I dropped my upper mounts several inches at the same time as my soa lift, it required I remake them but it was worth it, I'll look and see if i have the measurements from when I did mine... B...

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