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retro wheels

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I can't tell you anything about the Jeep dogdish hubcap wheels, other than to get old original to the dogdish wheels and get wheel adapters for the MJ. Other than that, the 17" steel wheels off a Dodge Charger or Chrysler 300 will accept the Comanche steel wheels centercap. I'm not sure that would be retro enough for you though or the look youre going after. WHeel adapters might be just what you need to get the look you want.

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Hasn't someone used old Mopar Rallye wheels? .


Not familiar with these. What did they come on?


Duster, Dart, Valiant, Scamp... but not the ones that have drum brakes- those are 5x4" and won't work. I almost did a set of 73 Dart wheels this spring... almost.

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If the center hole is big enough many many rims would work. Stock steelies (not just rallye wheels) from 1/2 2wd and a few 1/2 ton 4wd trucks (mainly those without lock-out hubs, IIRC) from the early-70's until the mid 90's, Mopar police cars, and most any mid-to full size rwd Mopar car, from the Charger size on where 4.5" bolt circle. Some of the smaller ( especially the A-bodies mentioned above), older Mopars did have the 4" bolt circle prior to disc brakes but those are actually getting more scarce as they ended almost 40 years ago. Many Ford mini-trucks and cars also have a 4.5" bolt circle. Most RWD vehicles had less backspacing, around 4", than the FWD-ish 5.25" BS of the Comanche. But that makes the RWD rims on par with most aftermarket rims anyway.

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