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Factory Brush Guard Mounts?

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Been looking around and CC has some great pictures of factory brush guards. What I can't find is good pictures of how they mount. The one and only time that I have actually looked at one of these was a bit brief and I didn't have a camera. From what I can remember, they bolt onto the face of the bumper with a small tab and they wrap under with four pieces of square tubing and bolt on with the tow hook brackets... but what does it all look like underneath? Measurements would be great to see also, but not absolutely necessary. Any help?


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That particular brush gaurd looks like the tabs are just bolted to the bumper. Ususally they tie into the bumper MOUNT itself. Otherwise they may bolt in where the stock skid plate goes. :dunno:


that particular brush gaurd gives me the willies.

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my WARN Trans4mer Grille Guard attaches to the bumper mount... there are some spacers between the bumper bracket and the frame. I know its not a very good pic but it all i have at the moment. hope that helps




edit: I think I saw some tow hooks online somewhere that did mount in the same spot

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Thanks. Not so much what I was looking for, however. What I have is a factory brush guard that someone senselessly hacked off before the tubing turns under the bumper. Tame yourselves, odd-original-parts-purists and shade your eyes to hide the hurt that has already happened:

If ever a good time to sound the "you lost" horn on the Price is Right, I think the time is now. And I know what you're thinking: "Hey that grill is upside down!". But look past that! The brush guard didn't even stand a chance! Now what I want to do is repair this wickedness. The reason I'm looking for pictures of factory pieces is to get some kind of idea as to what was supposed to be happening here and fix this horrendous fiasco.

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Risen from the bowels of CC!


Anybody have any new information on this? Not sure why but I got a bug to make my wall hanger more than just a dust collector.




Again, what I'm after is some good pictures of how the factory brush guards mount. I understand that they bolt on with the factory tow hook brackets, so even some pictures/measurements of those would probably help me out. Thanks brochachos!

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