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Gas tank skid plate bolts

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They are not self tapping. The problem is there are nuts welded into the frame of the bed. So, if your not having any problems, the bolts are available anywhere bolts are sold. Are you having the problem I had when I removed the tank for replacement, one of the nuts broke loose? I had a heck of a time getting one of mine out, because a nut broke loose. There is no way to get to some of the nuts to hold them in case they break loose. Luckily mine was the outer most one and was able to get a vise grip on it.


So, if your not having a problem, just take a bolt out and match it up. When you reinstall the bolts, use ANTISIEZE and avoid the problem I had.

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I don't think they were welded. I think they were nut-serts. (Expansion sleeves) The ones on my '88 just spin, which means eventually I'm going to have to find a way to get up there and grind them off.

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