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1990 jeep comanche with a 1991 4.0 motor swap

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can it be done? is it plug and go? i need strait answers and quick? and if so i need some one who has done it and can show me and or tell me whats gotta be done. this is a big one! I'm sure its been talked about before. just short on time!!!

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if you take the wiring from the HO motor and swap it with the renix one then yes it is plug and play, but then you will have lots of little odds and ends like making the pig tail for the front HO harness to the rear renix harness, then you have the issue of your fuel guage not reading correct or accurate. alson on mine i swapped steering colums so i caould have tilt and cruise control. i started this swap last october thinking i would have it done in a week or 2, now i have been lazy and busy with work but it finally runs. a concrete floor would have made me more willing to work on it but its definatley a bigger project than i thought. can it be done-yes. but i should have waitied cause i just cound a 88 with 99 drivetrain, interior, doors etc for $4200, and its lifted with 33s.........


ps, i also went from a 2wd, 4 cylinder to 4x4 4.0 so maybe that was a bit more work.

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