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MJ dies when hood is shut

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I changed out my cooling system for the open style,the expansion bottle was leaking and just wanted to get rid of it. Put in a new radiator, heater control valve, hoses. Got it all together and working. Going to take it on a road test, shut the hood and the engine dies. Won't start back up. Open the hood and it starts. :dunno: Strange? Shut the hood again and it died. Looked to see if the hood is hitting anything, all looks good. Played the open/shut hood game for a little while. :nuts: Then finally it wouldn't start at all, open or shut. Checked and had no fuel pressure. Checked the fuel pump relay and ballast resistor, both good. Measured voltage at the ballast resistor and only had 4 volts and the resistor got very hot quicly.Thought maybe my fuel pump shorted out and is loading it down. Disconnected my fuel pump by the tank and got the same readings. Disconnected the orange/black wire at the starter relay and measured the voltage at the terminal, 12 volts good. ohmed out the orange black wire to ground and it was shorted, not good. Traced the wire and found that I had somehow pinched the cable between the ac condensor and the body when I put it back together.Moved the cable and it starts and runs normal again. :banana: I guess when the hood was shut, it put pressure on the condensor and shorted out the wire. Took half a day to figure this out. Something to watch out for when changeing out a radiator.

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