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I went to the Heavy Rebel car show


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Went to the Hevy Rebel Weekender today with a friend. It is basically a Rat Rod show and Rockabilly concert weekend in Winston Salem, North Carolina. Lots of great rods, and hot tatted women! I didnt get any pics of the women, or the mud wrestling pit, but I did get a few of the cars. The show registration page made it very clear that they didnt want any trailer queens, billet rods, pro shop built vehicles, or muscle cars. This made my buddy afraid that they wouldnt let us in in his 46 Studebaker pickup, which isnt a rat rod, but was homebuilt 25 years ago on a 69 Chevy pickup frame and with a Buick 3800 carbed engine and it has shiny paint but is far from a perfect resto vehicle. Anyways, we got up there, and they let us right in with it, and after walking around, it looked like they let ALMOST anybody in if you paid ten bucks. There were a few nice restos there, and a few 60's rides, and we saw one guy in a 68 Camaro come through and get yelled at enough to make him go hide is car in a back part of the show on a side street. But this show was all about the rat rod, and I have a few pics for you below.




Caddy with a Cummins 6BT Diesel! One of three Cummins powered rods there.






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