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Rock Krawler 3 link copy?

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A friend of mine has loaned me a First gen 3 link long arm set up for me to copy and I'm having second thoughts. I kinda wanted to stick with four link or y link set ups and his idea was to just add the pirches for the pass side y-link when i build the new set. I'm not sure if this will cause binding issues because i will be placing all the tabs in the spots designed for a three link....any comments? Also i don't have the chassis brackes to copy as they left with a scraped out jeep and the axle bracket is still welded onto his axle at the moment and makes it hard to get proper measurement easily. I don't mind working to save some pennies but i am going to be comparing the over all cost and time to the clayton y link upgrade kit in the long run. Anyone tried adding a fourth link to a 3 link design? Thanks for any advise, also i am very comfortable fabricating and have a full (manual) machine shop at my disposile. Thanks again Zag :wrench:

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Adding a four link is just a simple fourth arm. If you plan on doing just the three link, you will need hard joints on all 6 ends. You can get away with the stock joints on the axle with a four link. I have my 3-link build in my build thread if you wanted other ideas.

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Totally agree The Gen I kit IS a horrible design and WEAK… B…

The Gen I kit was a horrible design. It had a special weld on axle bracket that can't be reused. The frame mounts for the control arms are week and a bad design as well.


I would use the Gen II kit as my basis.

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