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Window Trim Help

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Greetings all, hope all of you have a good 4th, (even though it's a bit early to start celebrating jamminz.gif ) The problem I've been having is that my MJ's stock window sealant trim pieces are deteriorating, and falling apart (big surprise :shake: ) As you can see from the first picture, I have a rag on each window sealing the sides; this piece is known as the "Division Bar" *see 5 on 2nd picture*. On my MJ, both Division bar pieces are not there and I need to get some replacements.


What I would like to know is since the 2nd picture is from http://www.jeep4x4center.com/jeep-doors/replacement-door-parts/cherokee-xj-front.htm and most things that are XJ if 4 door are compatible with the MJ....


1. Is this a correct diagram to be basing decisions on what will fit in my MJ doors (if not, can someone point me in the direction of a correct picture?)

2. If this is an accurate picture, and the Division bar is what I need, does anyone know where I can get 2 of this pieces of trim for under $100 other than a Pick and Pull? Both Jeep4x4 and TeamCherokee want over $100 for just one of these pieces, and I don't have that kind of money to spend!


As always, any and all help is appreciated. :cheers:



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