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Hood Release Lubrication

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I keep seeing members talking about what to do if the hood release breaks, and that it should be lubed regularly. But, I haven't seen anyone say or post a picture of what should be lubed and what it should be lubed with.

Can somebody go into a little more detail for me?




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Every now and then I use a little bit of spray on white lithium grease on the mechanical latches.


For the cable, when I change the engine oil I put a few drops of clean engine oil on the end of the cable, let gravity move it


into the cable, works smooth like butter. don't use WD-40 for this, it is not a suitable lubricant.

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Been using Dri-Slide on my motorcycle cables for years and tried it on the hood cable. It has a needle applicator that you can insert into the cable sheath and squirt it in until it flows out the other end. It's nice as it does not gum up. Can pull the hood release cable with two fingers now. Good stuff.



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