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How Reliable is the 2.6

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The truck he's asking about is an '89, so it's not likely to be a 2.8L V6. I think he means 2.5L (the I-4?).


Assuming that to be the case -- it's extremely reliable. It IS the same engine as the 4.0L, with two cylinders lopped off. You do need to figure that most of them came with 4.10 gears, so the same number of chassis miles equates to a lot more engine revolutions than a 4.0L, but I have an '88 in the yard with 209,000 miles on it that ran perfectly when I drove it in here. Hasn't been used for a year because the clutch slave cylinder blew, but that's not the engine's fault.


One difference between the 2.5L and the 4.0L is that the 2.5L uses a rubbing block/guide inside the font cover for the timing chain. Those tend to wear. If/when you begin to hear even a little bit of timing chain slap -- don't delay repairing it.

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