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extending rear E brake cables ?

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I run a D44 SOA that i swapped from a XJ & added ford crown vic disc brakes, the E brake cables Are short :dunce: . Has any of you'll came up with a way to lengthen them?

being that CC members come up with the cools mods jamminz.gif , Is there a write up i missed? Or some pic's would be helpful? :dunno:

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I guess you answered my question, I need to find out how short they are? I donated my stock D35 to a friend with the E cables on it, :doh: & now After 2 Years & 2 Moves, I can't find my stock D44 drums with E cables on them :wall: so i need both cables the from the bed to the backing plates.


Nice brop bracket ''86FUBAR''! jamminz.gif

very creative, & Nice build :cheers:


Any one have any pic's of how to adapt the cable from drums to disc ? :hmm:

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I used a Ford clevis for my D44 w. Exploder disks, pic below. Also installed new ebrake cables and had plenty of length w. my 3" lift. They would even work well if they were 3" shorter. I think the stock cables will be long enough for you.


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