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tire question

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hello, i have a 1988 comanche 2wd. i want to put 235x75x15 tires on it. i have 225x75x15 on factory rims now. i want to put 15x7 rims on it with the new tires. does anyone know what bakspacing i will need? i would like them to stick out a little but i don't want to lift it. thanks

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To confirm what Twisted said ... unless your rims are the stock, base model steel rims they are 15x7. The stock backspacing is 5-1/4" and there are NO aftermarket rims that match that. Most will be either 4" or 4-1/2" backspacing. That's NOT a good idea, because they won't allow the tires to fit inside the fenders when the suspension compresses. You'll be banging the tires into the flares.


The stock rims have enough backspacing that they stuff the tires inside the fenders.

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thanks for the info. i think i have the 15x6 rims. i will look for the factory 15x7. something better than i have now.


if you think those are the rims it came on from the factory it should say all their specifications on the tag inside the drivers door... mine has it all printed there.

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