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radio wiring

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my mj did not come with a radio from the factory and i want to add on using the factory wiring

i found the rear speker wiring but not up front :wall: do any of you know were the front door wiring is at?

and don't say in the doors because there is no wiring in the doors

thanks Jon

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Mine was the same way when I got it. Just grab some speaker wire and re-run it. Use a wire clothes hangar or something to pull the wires behind and underneath the dash. It's extremely easy and you'll get the right lengths and colors for the speakers. You won't have to figure out what speaker the purple and green ones go to.

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The fuse should be in the fuse box already, and the wiring to the back of the radio should be there as well. Just plug and play at that end. The speaker connectors for mine were hidden up in the foot wells. The right side I found easilly, but the left side was hidden behind the parking brake. The wiring won't be there for the doors if they didnt originally come that way. I had donor doors that had all the electrics there and I just connected the connectors and it worked. If I were you, I would just run what I needed from the inside of the door to the footwell area, and then make your own connectors at that point.... assuming you arent going super high powered... if you are then you might want to run heavier speaker wire all the ways anyways.

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