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MY MJ project.....argh

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Howdy All,


New here and to MJ's.


Mine was running like a top, except for the little things...turn sigs, a/c, and the usual jeep oddities.


I was headed out the other day and she wouldn't start, which was very odd.


I'm disabled and have ok and horrible days...so waited for the rare ok day and:


She runs only on starter fluid.. :huh???:


Checked for fuel at rail and spark...found them ok....did not do pressure ck though.


The P.O. has done some imaginitive wiring...but this was the case BEFORE she quit running...better left alone...right?


Did find one of the relays was bad and replaced it...still no go...any ideas?




P.S. B4 I forget...I'm trying to find locals to chat with and maybe form a social or chat club...all interested drop me a note.


I belong to a local club, but I'm the only MJ.

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If it will crank and run on starter fluid, and you have fuel at the rail (but have not confirmed constant pressure) it could be the fuel pump ballast. The fuel pump initally runs off the ignition but then immediately gets power through the ceramic ballast located on the driver's side inner fender. You could try jumping across the terminals to see if that is it.


If that doesnt do it, fuel rail pressure check is the next option.

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Thx 4 the tip, akula


I will check that as soon as my ole shotup, busted up body will allow.


Howdy Buck.....I'm just up the road from you in Deltona...feel like getting your hands dirty?..could use a helper...LOL :wrench:


It's so :grrrr: frustrating...In my younger days, I built engines, trannies, you name it, That was b4 computers and such.


All I had to do was set the spark advance and gas on the steering column and get out and crank it with the handle under the


radiator. The only thing that made that job a lil difficult was trying the swat at the Pteradactyls at the same time. :nuts: :nuts:


yeppers...I am THAT old!!!


I always wanted to own an MJ.....was always drawn to vehicles that were unusual...Don't get me wrong I really love this "BlueMoon"


as I call her...but boy did I ever forget about Dodge vacuum linesssssssssssssssssss :doh:


I'd also like to get my hands on the previous owners neck...for just 5 mins.,,,,,I wish I could show on here what this idiot did


Spliced wires everywhere I believe the fuel pump is hotwired and more...the relays?.....spliced from one to another.... :huh???:


Oh well....getting off my soapbox.gif

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Howdy all...


not to through a monkey wrench into the fuel pump resistor idea, but I was reading some other posts and read that '87's didn't have a resistor....found a photo which I will try and add...my mj....doesn't look like the photo....hmmm now I gotta find out how to add photos..brb

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Howdy again,


Thx for the confirmation Dave.


Ok guys....I know I'm old and my glasses do to get fogged up...but I swear...I cannot find my CPS on the tranny bell housing...


I thought it was on the drivers side...anyone have a pic of the location?

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