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abs delete, booster setup


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this is a half donkey tech question so i think it belongs here. I'm deleting my abs in my mj (donor xj harness has abs) ive red of doing the zj dual diaphram swap, but my 96 xj with abs has the dual diaphram. so would a non abs 96+ xj booster/master do the same thing as the zj booster master?? and has anybody tried this, I'm curiouse if it provides the same stopping power as a dual diaphram zj/xj, and i am hesitant to believe salesmen, seems like they will say what you want to hear to make a sale. http://www.4wdandsportutility.com/tech/ ... index.html he wants $350 plus shipping and says its a custom master/booster, but i don't want to pay $350 if i can get the same results for cheaper. typical dilema, max efficency wanted for least amount of coin.... and I'm going to have 33's with d30 up front and 8.25 in the rear with disks

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