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I died a little inside yesterday


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I'm a retail salesman at Advance Auto Parts and I've gotten some interesting people coming into my store. However this isn't about any of those people.


Yesterday I had a couple come into the store yesterday needing a flasher for an early 90's grand cherokee. Since I love jeeps I always end up talking to anyone who comes in that has one. Well we got to talkin and I was telling them how I have a MJ and the husband was like "Oh really I just ROLLED one of those yesterday". I was like WHHAATTT?!?!?! He showed me a picture and the cabin was completely crushed. That ruined my night :(

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Always saddens me to find out there is one less Jeep in the world, but I guess the good news is that with all the carnage reported above, that no one was hurt and the parts will probably live on somewhere else.


Of course, I'm kind of sick also -- I used to think that I needed to save all the old 56 and 63 Plymouths and later Dodge Step-Side pickups. Three years ago, I bought my first jeep and now a Comanche. When will it end?


By the way, that 2 door Cherokee was sweet! I want one.



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