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Hard starting when cold

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My 89 comanche 4.0 has a problem starting when it's dead cold,I've thought of checking the coolant temp sensor to see if it's within range or maybe the TPS sensor isn't calibrated properly (engine was rebuilt less than a year ago),the fuel pump is new and I haven't had time to spare and really look at the components,also is there any way to make the engine start quicker rather than the long cranking that 4.0's do before they start?

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Could need a tune-up

Could be a weak coil

Could be bad caps in the PCM

Could be a fuel line issue(leak or kink)

Could need a fuel filter

Could be a weak starter motor


I moved my donor a few days ago in -20C (4.0MJ), it took 4-5 secs of cranking and been parked for a week or more . The starter was slow , only for that I bet it would have caught in a sec or 2

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