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Hate to be a stickler, but was wondering if we could put a physical size constraint on user's signatures. I understand that there is a maximum character restriction on the size of the signature, but it seems that some members are taking up a lot of unnecessary "vertical" space when listing their vehicles and modifications. I browse CC a lot on my phone and netbook, which have limited screen real estate and I find it gets increasingly annoying to be constantly scrolling through a thread to get past some of the member's large signatures. I realize that I can turn them off, but I enjoy having them on to see member's rigs, which helps with troubleshooting advice.

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can we just get rid of the signature, or not allow pics? i noticed a few members that have mutiple pics in their sig and a few others that state every little option the vehicle has in every vehicle they own. maybe just make it so your signature is just your build thread link? not pointing a finger (ok yes i am) but for example:


Cascade 4x4s President

WOHVA Treasurer and Secretary

Wheelers of Washington


1988 MJ

231 Doubler

TNT Long Arm Front Suspension

SOA Rear

35" Mickey Thompson Baja MTZs

Auburn ECTEDs Front and Rear

Willy C's Bumpers

Willy C's Taillight Boxes

Warn M8000


1991 MJ





2006 3500 Ram

5.9 Cummins









90 MJ 4.0 4X4 5sp LB Pioneer Metric Ton... Getting rebuilt again! Check out "The Family Truck"=>>



2008 Vulcan 2000 Classic LT


2010 Focus SES 2dr



97 TJ 2.5 4X4 5sp 31's stock. . . Slow but; reliable.



pictures didnt show above but overall its pretty annoying :hateputers:

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