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Will my D35 spring plates work on my D44?

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I can reuse the Dana 35 ones? I don't have Dana 44 ones from the parts MJ.


I reused them from my D35 axle. They are the same p/ns for either axle and all springs, including my MT springs. Don't know if you have a LWB or SWB, but in either case they will work, you just swap sides with the plates because of the difference in the shock mounts. If you use 9/16" u-bolts you may have to drill them out though. I used 1/2" u-bolts.

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RE: "The stock plates will NOT work with the Chrysler 8-1/4 axle, though."


I must have gotten lucky because my stock plates on the original D35

worked beautifully on the Chrysler 8.25 swap. The original holes were

enough to accept the wider 3" diameter U-bolts. I confirmed this was

not an oddity after ruining one of the shock stud threads and hunting

all over Texas for a replacement plate. That plate also fit the 8.25 just


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