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84-85 2.5L Intake?

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Does anyone have an intake manifold from a 1984 or 1985 XJ 2.5L that they could snap a photo of? I'm curious about the layout of the bore (or bores, I don't remember if the stock carburetor was a one-barrel or two-barrel) and bolt pattern. I'm trying to determine how difficult (or impossible?) it would be to adapt a small 4-barrel carb to a 2.5L engine.

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That's bad news. That would require one adapter to get it up to a 2-barrel, and then a second adapter to get it to a 4-barrel. Not gonna happen.


Looks like if I decide to go carbureted I'll just shop for a 1-barrel application from an older Rambler engine, like the 199 c.i.d. I-6. Or look for a donor XJ and convert to the newer multi-port injection.

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A fella I knew in Raton was racing midgets. He was using a 2.5 engine in one of his cars. He completely removed the intake manifold and had 4 carbs from a Honda motorcycle bolted direct to the head. Something to think about. Jim

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