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no power to radio.

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My 89 I just bought had a pioneer cd with missing face plate when I got it. Found another radio exactly the same. Now that I have a face plate, I know I am not getting any power to the radio; THe pioneer has a plug in the back with a bunch of wires comeing out of it. They are all spliced to jeep wiring. The power wire from the radio (blue) is spliced with fuse to a black wire. I have power to the fuse box but no power to that black wire at the radio.


The guy i bought from said the radio worked till he lost the face plate. Anybody versed in radio? Is the wire from fusebox to radio black? Is it a straight shot of wire from the fuse box?

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Normally there are 2 power wires on radios. A red one that is powered by the ign sw and comes direct from the fuse panel. It is hot only when the ign sw is on. That is the main power for the radio. The blue wire is hot all the time. It is for the memory functions of the radio.

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Great site: http://www.the12volt.com/Default.asp?



Constant 12V+ Red/White

Switched 12V+ Purple/White

Ground Black

Illumination Blue/Red

Dimmer Red/Black

Antenna Trigger Gray

Antenna Right Front

Front Speakers 5 1/4" Doors

Left Front (+) Gray

Left Front (-) Yellow

Right Front (+) White/Red

Right Front (-) Brown/Red

Rear Speakers 4" x 6" Side Panels

Left Rear (+) Gray/White

Left Rear (-) Brown/White

Right Rear (+) White/Black

Right Rear (-) Brown

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Thanks to all who made suggestions. I have found a bundle of 14 wires taped together, one of which is the switched radio power. I assume this the radio bundle. Of these, all the rears have been cut. Do to the high amp, there was extra heavy speaker wires to the back (not hooked up). I cannot see any of the front speaker wires. This radio has red and white rca cables. I have those in the dash and they go to a place that I can't see. I assume these are the front speakers as those 4 wires are absent otherwise.


I do not have rd/white (constant 12), or a blue/ red (illumination). Colors from 12v web site.

i have a red/blk , a blk/yellow, a red that has a fuse in it, with a small box on the red radio line and a tag which appears to say + .

I also have 2 blks and a white, and a purple/red. There is a blue fused wire out of the radio and this is hooked to black. I also have one pink wire from the harness. I cannot find wire to give me constant power or power when the lgiths are on.


So excluding the rear speaker wires, the only ones I see that I am supposed to have are black, blk/rd (dimmer) and purple/wht (power) and what ever is hooked to the rca's

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Constant power in the diagram I have is tan/red. Unfortunately, my truck has no tan/red, but the parts truck I had did have a tan/red. Apparently, trucks with electronic preset radios had the constant power, as it was needed to remember the presets, while trucks that were just the stock radio may not have had it?

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That is probably what is going on with mine. I hooked the constant power on the radio to the other switch power I had on the truck. Radio works! I will probably run something right off that battery to get that constant power. Not sure what the rca plugs go to...probalby more wiring for that big amp. I only have one of the door speakers working now. When in plug or unplug the rca's it makes no difference. Getting there, slowly but surely

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