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Rust Bucket

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Well i grabbed up a comanche finally, an 89 4.0 5 spd manual 4x4 with an 8.5 lift and 35 dick cepeks on it already. Problem is this thing has rust problems like an S0B. Mostly on the box so I'm gonna try to just find a new box, some on the doors i think i can sand and paint, and of course the floors need re done, yaaaaay. Will post pics soon as i figure out how to do that.

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So the long and short story is over the past two years i spend many an hour wrenching on this thing. I took pictures along the way to post but I can't find them now :( 


Replace floor pans, put a 8000 pound winch on it , replaces some distributor parts new exhaust/intake gasket, new exhaust, some wiring for lights and It was ready to go do stuff!


It never really ran the best sounding but it moved around and did great in the mud, drove it in our local mud bog two years ago and didnt even slow down in the pit.


Unfortunately it has been sitting  dead for about a year now, due to i believe and massively exploded clutch. 


The bright side is that I now work at a shop that will allow me to wrench on my projects to my hearts desire! :D (I am a first year Heavy Duty Tech)


Once my current project is done this thing is getting dragged in to the shop to be diagonosed and made into a designated offroader as I have acquired one in a lot better shape for a Daily Driver.


And yes if you look close on the paint you can see brush marks, and no it was not me haha





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Other than the one spot where its gone through there It seems pretty solid. That area is going to be my first venture into cutting out a spot and welding in a new piece of metal on outer body. So we will see how that goes haha. The whole thing is going to end up getting painted flat black the right way if I can find a new clutch.

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