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Stumbling @ 2200 to 2500rpms on a new stroker........

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So I finished my stroker and installed it yesterday and started it up, It iddles great but if i jump in it and start to take off it it starts to stumble at around 22 to 25oo rpms. I installed a tps recently on the old renix set up so i just swaped that over to the 99 intake with a hiseco adapter and i ajusteded it to factory specs all was good there, I also swaped out the CPS when i did the swap to 4x4 so under 100 miles on that as well and it tested fine on the resistance test? I feel like ive hit a brick wall. I tested the iac and it tested fine but how do you test the knock sensor and the coil?????? I drove the jeep to get the exzhaust today and i coudent get over 30 mph. I would get up to about 2200 rpms and then start to stumble and back fire violently but if i let off the gas it seem to run fine. My MJ is a 1988 with AW4 and a 4.7 stroker with the 99 intake and a borella header i swaped all of the sensors over from my renix set up over to the 4.7 and adaped the tps as stated above. :mad: help help help before i burn this truck!!!!!

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