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'88 Comanche-Project 1st timer

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Welp, I have an 88 MJ that I picked up for $700. Got it mainly to run scrap metal, until I got enough money to start mods. That time has come.


First thing first, though.




Today I started sanding the hood of the Comanche. I didn't use anything special, just a drywall sanding block. It took off the clear coat, and started in on the paint. I am not going to take it down to the bare metal though, just evening it all out. I am going to head to the store today to grab some paint and other supplies, then I am going to tape off the hood and do that 1st. I will see how it looks, whether I need to try a different color or not, and then proceed. There will be pics soon.


I have an air powered sanding disk, I am considering using this on the large flat areas, but I will hand sand the corners.


I also have a ladder rack on the back, I will be taking this off soon, and checking for rust on the bed rails. If there is, I will cut off the standing pipe and bolt the angle iron back on to the bed. It is there now, so I don't seeing it hurting, just helping if in fact the rails are shot. But I don't think they are.

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Got the hood sanded up, and took off the ladder rack. There was only a minor amount of rust around the bolt holes (4 of them), and after sanding the rails down, it should be gone.


Question:Should I hit up the rust spots with some primer before I paint?

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In stead of using primer, I just sanded each rust spot down down to the metal, and made sure each spot was smooth. The hood only had scratches, but a couple were deep. The tailgate had more, but each sanded down smooth. I used blue painters tape and taped off the J E E P on the tail gate the best I could. I followed the metal insted of the stickers. When the tailgate is done, I will tape off around the letters, the 4.0 badge and the tailgate handle and paint them black. Tight now there is 2 coats on the hood, and one on one side of the tailgate.


What I am using:

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if you know how to do metal bumping,

that bedside dent should pop right out if bump'ed properly


Please elaborate. I think the dent gives my truck character, but getting it out would be nice too. :yes:


Put on my CC decal last night. I think it looks pretty good. It is in the top right corner of the windshield.


Well I am changing out almost all the fuses today. They were all MUSH except for 2. Most all of them broke when I pulled them out.

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Yes, it is. I pulled all the fuses and cleaned it up the best I could, it looks a lot better than before. Brand new fuses, and I may have even gained my radio, clock, and cigar lighter back.

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