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Help ! Super high idle

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Clean your Throttle Body and see what that does for you, won't cost you but a can of carb cleaner and a couple hours of your time. Renix setups like clean TBs. I like to take them right off of the manifold and take them apart, use a brass brush to scrub the aluminum. While you have the throttle body apart, take a look at the idle air control valve and see what shape it is in...


Renix systems are actually very easy to cope with as long as you have a way to test the sensors. Here is a link to the FSM, it will tell how to test everything.




As far as the manifold crack goes, that has never been the cause of issues with engines I've worked on. They crack and run weird, look into things and you can still trace the problem to something else, fix it and they run fine with the cracks. The cause of the cracks are most likely your motor mounts. Replace them before you mess with welding or replacing the exhaust manifold.


I drove my '88 for about a year on a cracked manifold, ran just fine the whole time even though it was a little bit louder than normal.

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