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D30 full and or mini spool

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i can't seem to find any D30 spools, but I'm convinced they are out there.


i could've sworn my brother told me about a moser D30 spool..


does anyone know where to find one?


EDIT: i can't even seem to find a D44 spool on moser's website... and i KNOW theyve got one of those... (don't they?)

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full lock... its just installed like lunchbox lockers.


it replaces the spidergears and locks the axles together.

no moving parts.


i might check out how much my local 4x shop wants to weld it up right.


can you still do gear swaps and all that with them welded like you said?

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It locks both axle shafts together. Same as a full spool, but it slips inside the carrier and replaces the spiders like a lunchbox locker.



No difference in wheel speed is aloud between tires.




I have one in my front (well, a full spool) and you had better plan steering upgrades.


you mean for the added stress of turnin locked tires? posi-lock. disconnect the right side for hard turns. (or am i mistaken?)


i was considering JCR steering, or a similar setup in the future.

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Oh sorry, forgot you mentioned that. That will work. I'd still do steering upgrades seeing as how the stock stuff is total crap.



I calculated that I can't actually build the JCR setup for the price they sell it. It's a good deal. I only worry that the tubing might be a little thin? However, it should hold up fine for 99% of people.

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yeah, they accidently offset my brothers bumper :oops: oops, and it sticks out 1 1/2 inch on one side, and sits flush on the other. (the under-lights part)


so he had the option of sending the bumper back and having them fix/send a new one. or 1/2 price steering.... the week after he pretzeled some stock parts... the new steering has held up well. tubes arent thin at all


i beleive he has the same tires as you... 35x12.50 BFG muds?

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Mine are for sale! If I could ever convince anybody to buy them...




37" MT/Rs here I come. Now we get to see how strong an isuzu axle is...



so can you change gears in a welded diff, (done how you described)


or do you need to pic the gears and then weld it?



Long as you don't start out with say 3.07s and then go to 4.10s. You'd need a new carrier then. So, you'd have to reweld.

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