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my mj need advice (pics if they work)

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ok i got the mj stock and it was sagging in the front

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i decided to lift it i was going to go wit 3 inch coils and 2 inch shackles when i got the coils on i let it sit and well i think it sits level i was going to put a buget boost (2inch coil spacers and 1and a half inch shackles) i just don't no if i will need new arms if anyone could give me a height from the grown to the finder of a stock MJ in front and back and then the mesurements from the grown to the finder of a mj lifted 3 inches ooh here is it now lifted 3 inches in the front

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My bed's level to an 1/8 of an inch. 4.75" front, 2.25" rear.


I've got 3" coils and 1.75" spacers.

I replaced my LCAs with the bent adjustable arms, but they still hit my LCA mount allowing the axle to only travel a small amount downward.

With different upper arms, I could rotate the axle, rotating the mounts so the LCAs would clear.

With my particular experience, I Needed new lower control arms, and Want new uppers.



Drop Brackets may be a good route for you to go though.

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