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New to me Chevy 2500 Silverado


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Well, I wasn't in the market to buy a truck but when something like this comes along its hard to pass up. So I didn't.


I just bought a 2000 model Chevy Silverado 2500 ext cab for $400 bucks. Has just over 100K miles on its 6.0 motor and auto trans. Yeah, you read it right. No zero's are missing. I paid $400 bucks for it. No, its wasn't wrecked however it does need about $1500 dollars worth of work done to it.


First thing on the list it needs is a new/rebuilt trans. No problem. A buddy of mine is a 25+ year trans mechanic at the Chevy dealer down the street. He'll pull the trans, rebuild it, install it with a newer converter, fill it with fluid, test drive it and warranty his work for $500 bucks.

Second on the list is a few engine accessories that were removed. It needs a radiator, power steering pump and bracket, battery cable to starter, battery cable to power distribution box, and a belt.

Third is a few body parts. It needs both front and rear bumpers including the front lower valance with fog lights, a tail gate and a receiver hitch.

Fourth is a few interior parts. It needs a climate control switch, head light switch, electric mirror switch and a radio.


I've priced most of those parts and including buying the truck I should end up with under $2000 bucks in it. Not a bad deal in my book.


The radiator, engine accessories and being able to run it for more than a minute at a time comes first followed by putting bumpers and a tailgate on it. After checking and/or replacing the brakes it'll be on its way to have the trans rebuilt. After that its off to the detail shop in the dealership my son works for.


Fixed and back together here's what NADA says its book value is. http://www.nadaguides.com/Cars/2000/Che ... -Equipment

We all know blue book values are just estimates. Even so I'm way ahead of the game having less than $2000 in it.


I'll follow up with some more pix when its complete but meanwhile, here's a few as is pix of it.


Note the cowl hood. That ones sells for over $300 bucks plus paint.

It has American Racing alloy wheels, a sprayed in bed liner and the obvious bed rails.

Interior needs a really good cleaning. No cracks in the dash or rips in the seats.

It being a 3 door kinda sucks. But what the he-l. I can live with it.

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Wouldn't be my first pick for a full size truck but at that price you can't go wrong. Nice find


:agree: This wouldn't have been my first or even second choice. But the price was right so what tha he-l. I'll drive it.


I'm gonna take back what I said about not being in the market for another truck. I've been mulling the idea of driving hotshots for my brother-n-laws valve company as well as numerous machine shops that do work for him. Again this isn't the truck of choice for doing that but it could get me started till I can trade up to what I'd really want. A Dodge 3500 Cummins dually with a 6 speed. Now we're talkin truck.

Last week just for grins I went and test drove a new one. But not just any new one. I had to drive their top of the line truck. The sticker on it was $57,000 dollars. OUCH!!! Talk about a nice rig. I want one. Just not enough to have to pay for it.

While I was there I took a little spin in a RT8 Challenger too. Sales guy told me to drive it like I stole it. So I did. They run pretty good but I'd have to bump the already 480 hp up by adding a 150 -200 hp supercharger to it. Now we're talkin fun.


I was gonna head out to some j/yards today but with this cold front on its way I'm gonna wait till it passes.



Edit ......... Nope, its not a theft recovery. The owners son apparently ran up over $2000 dollars worth of toll road fee's and fines in it. Don't even ask because I have no idea how he managed to accumulated that much in fee's/fines. As a result of those unpaid fee's/fines the county put a stop on him being able to get it registered. Add that to the cost of replace the transmission, the owner decided to just sell it. He originally wanted $1000 for it but decided to let me have it for $400. Good thing he did because I wasn't going to nor did i have $1000 dollars to buy it.

For a short while this was their work truck. I'm pretty sure thats when the son ran up all the toll road fee's/fines. Seems to me if he was gonna be on the toll rd all the time it would have been a he-l of a lot smarter not to mention cheaper to have gotten an ez-tag.

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Here's an update on this truck. First ..... I didn't have any problems getting the tittle and registration transferred into my name. Good thing since I've already spent over $1000 bucks on parts for it. Instead of having the trans rebuilt, I found a low mileage (45K) trans out of a newer truck for it. Also got the radiator, water pump, power steering pump, rear bumper, climate control switch and the headlight switch for it. I'm supposed to get the front bumper assembly, power steering pump/alternator bracket this weekend. I'm still looking for a red tailgate. You'd think with as many red trucks you see one would be easy to find. That's just the thing. All the ones you see aren't in a junkyard. Oh and I'm replacing the driver seat. It's not torn or anything I just don't think its gonna clean up very well and it doesn't seem have much support. That and I want an electric one.

We're gonna tow it to the shop where my son works and get it up on a lift to do the trans swap. Although I could do the rest in the driveway, we'll go ahead and install whatever else we have time for before they run us out of the shop. (about 10pm) Hopefully I'll be able to drive it home to finish it up. After some test driving its back to the shop and over to their detail dept. They've got some guys and a gal over there that do great detail jobs for under $100 bucks. I'm talking bumper to bumper including under the hood and buffing out the whole truck. It'll be money well spent for the initial cleaning it needs.



I'll post some more pix when its finished.

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