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Catalytic Converter

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Jeep part number 5200-3940 is a bolt-on resonator that replaces the cataclysmic perverter

in the XJ/MJ for all export models. There's a mountain of them available in the Chrysler

parts warehouse in Milwaukee. It takes a great deal of convincing to get any USA dealer

to order one for you, but it can be done. However, at $80, there are cheaper alternatives.

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I did this to my old car. What I did so that if any body who owns it after me gos up to another state with inspections they would pass. I took the cat off and shook it untill all of the chunks came out. Then put it back on. It made the car a bit louder but thats about it. The only reasons I did it was because it went bad and made the car run like crap. But if the cat is still good I would leave it there. It really dose not do much. If you want it louder put a flowmaster on. It makes it sound really nice.



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