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Good opening in firewall for DIY Alarm

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I've been following the installation info to install this basic alarm from this post http://www.comancheclub.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=23299&hilit=diy+alarm. The alarm includes an L.E.D. that flashes when active, and I'm trying to find a way to get it through the firewall. Any recommendations on how to snake the two wires with the LED through the firewall?




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There are several plugs in the firewall. I used one about a foot to the left of the brake master cylinder for some switches. I cut a slit in the plug and fed the wires through.


I dislike the cutting method, it allows a lot of space for water to flow through. one trick I use a lot for running wires through grommets is to get a small steel rod (I used the antenna off my parts Comanche and sharpened the ends to a point but only one end needs to be sharp). Carefully push it through which ever way is easiest and then tape the wire with electrical tape to the end of the rod. Then pull the rest of the rod through the grommet and the wire along with it. and tape it pretty well it is annoying when the tape slips off the end when you pull the rod through.

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