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Oh and my still fell over in the garage dumping cooling water into a tool bucket making for some nice rusty tools.


holding out on yer CC friends? I've heard nothing about consumable fluids from you image_209027.gif


This better not be some form of entrapment.




So here goes:


This is the pot still I built:






This is the next still we are going to build, its a reflux still for making neutral spirits.



And this is some old old beer I ran through the still just to get the alcohol out.



I have a BIG apple tree in my backyard that dumped hundred of sweet delicious apples. I turn a bunch into applesuace in a blender, threw in about 5 pounds of sugar, and have that fermenting now. Right now its at about 9% alchol, hopefully I will get thta closer to 20 and then distill that in the pot still for a slightly apple flavored strong spirit. I did a little test distillation about a week ago when it was about 3% and while not very much came out, what did was super delicious.

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This better not be some form of entrapment.


Who, me? ;)


Never. We've been working on the concept of a test still for some time now to produce additional vehicle fuel. We figured we could use deer corn and then feed the mash to the chickens afterwords.....of course, we have to get some chickens first.


Of course, your test still is completely legal because you are not producing comercial quanities of consumable fluids. :brows:

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This is the start of a new still:




The way it works is that the top portion here is a 12" section that will have a condenser coiled up inside it, at the bottom, where the threaded fitting is, will be the takeoff plates and outlet line.




By putting the threaded male and female fittings between the condenser and the reflux column, and then the reflux column and the pot we can have a reflux column that is removable, meaning it can also be run as a pot still.




To attach to the pot we will be using a sink strainer which will then have the nut welded or soldered to the lower pipe fitting:




Here you can see the copper to copper fittings, the strainer side fittings, and the setup attached to the vinyl tube is what will provide cooling water. This will connect to a standard 3/4 fitting like your garden hose or cloths washer uses. I have an un-utilized washer utilities area in my basement that will be where the still is kept. Cold cooling water from the washer hookup will be circulated through the coil at the top of the condenser and then dumped down the washer drain.



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