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I paid 500 dollars for this truck when I was in serious need for a ride and I found a project in the making. Mine is a 2wd red Comanche with an unknown build date. I have a 2.5; 4 CYL engine with a 4 speed transmission. Not sure who made the tranny, but it is not original as the VIN shows this truck arrived with a 4 speed automatic transmission from the factory. I have been driving this truck for two years, but soon will tear it down for an overhaul. The transmission is grinding in first gear and forth gear stopped working last week.


I own this truck and keep it in my yard in Valdosta where I live and work. I put some late model Jeep aluminum alloy wheels off a Jeep Gran Cherokee SUV because I got a good deal on five wheels and tires and they look good on this truck. If I list any other information about this truck, somebody will need to coach me where to look. I want to put a rebuilt transmission in and pull the engine so I can stop all the oil leaks. Engine runs great but it sucks down the gas so I might just add new injectors too.


Help me understand what transmission options I have. I would like a five speed but will settle for a four speed. This one worked good up until my clutch exploded one day and ever since I put in a new clutch, first gear grinds. 4th gear was working last Wednesday but not on Thursday. Now I am ready to do something about this. Would it be a bad Idea to paint this red truck Minnesota Vikings pur ple? :banana:

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