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88 guy is going to scrap

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Sent this to the guy:


I am not from your area, and cannot buy your truck, but PLEASE don't scrap it. Go to www.comancheclub.com, and post a for sale ad. SOMEONE will buy it. Please don't let it get scrapped, there are so few in existence now a days, it would be a shame. You can get $600 for it, or more, on that website. Your CL ad has already been posted on there, but you can make an ad and add your pics to that. It will get sold! Don't scrap it!

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I heard there was a nice Eliminator in need of attention in Iowa...


Rob L.


Stop that. I'm waiting for the spring to hit and we'll go from there. :thumbsup:


Ok, I lied. I broke down and just sent the guy and email to see if its still there or not... :oops:

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This truck, the '88 listed above on the first post has been sold. Dad didn't get a shot at it. I'm wondering if it went to a yard or if it did sell, the craigslist ad was from Dec 13th...


Dad didn't ask particulars, he just knows its gone.

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