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Not positive if its this way on MJ's but many auto's use TWO FLASHERS. oner for signals and the other for the 4 ways.


SO, if MJ's are the same I would say you have two seperate problems. they could very well be ground problems.


I would check all bulbs then change out the flasher (s).



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mine did the same thing with a broken bulb in the front when i was in an accident, i remember the flashers not working when i tryed to put them on right after i was hit, even tho the turn signals still worked. so i would say a ground problem or maybe as simple as a bulb being funky.

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Sounds like your flashers are going bad. I had a 96' blazer that did the lazy blinker thing untill they quit flashing all together. Then I had to take the f-ing dash apart to get to the flashers which are underneath the radio. But that is a different story, replace your flashers first they are cheap and you might be pleasantly suprised.

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