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New wheels for the XJ ...


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I found these on craigslist, thinking of putting them on the xj. My xj is a daily driving now and I'd like some lighter rims, also I'm going to be mounting newer GY Mtrs on these. I currently have the cragar soft 8s, which are pretty heavy. It would be nice to lighten the rotating mass up just a little.


Cheap, have 4 inch back space and are 4.5 lug pattern.




Question ... These are a uni-lug thing, so the holes appear to be elongated, would this present any problems? Anyone here running a universal lugged wheel?

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He says "set" and shows 2..going out on a limb here...


Those are rear-specific drag racing rims. They are light and strong enough for what they were designed for, but such rims generally do not fare well on the road with pot holes, etc...


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but beyond that I do not think that these are very appropriate for DD'ing on an SUV even if you never take them off-road. They would also require, IMHO, a minimum 12.5" wide tire. If it was me I would find some factory aluminum rims for your DD tires: they look good and can be had for cheap.

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