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What diameter on pre/post '92 ax15?

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Pete stated on an earlier ax15 post by Jimoshel to check the diameter of the spindle to tell the 89-91 vs. 92+. I just picked up a 2wd ax15 with internal slave but don't know if I need to buy an appropriate pilot bushing before taking it to the tranny shop. If anyone knows what exactly I should measure, please let me know. I posted some pics, so this might help. There were #s on a metal tag on top but after three rounds of GUNKing it, I can no longer read the numbers.

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Ok so I literally just went through this and had to have a buddy use his lathe to turn down a bushing for me.


If the transmissions pilot shaft area (tip of the shaft) measures around .590-.560 then you have a 91 or OLDER AX-15. Now the question is: what year engine are you running? 92+ like I did and your crank should have a small pilot hole of 1.000. 91 and OLDER 4.0 should be 1.054. Doesn't seem like much of a difference but it is. If you have a .75 pilot on your transmission you have a 92+ AX-15. Depending on what direction you are going with the swap either the pilot is commercially available or you will need a custom job like I had made. I will save you the trouble of even trying the advance adapters or novak pilot bushings unless you specifically take the measurements they give you and they match what I have given you/you have measured. If you have an internal slave that doesn't mean much because you could have a 91 or 92 and that is on the cusp of the different transmission pilot and engine crank pilot hole measurements. At the end of the day its not a difficult swap but depending on your application you may need a custom bushing made.

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