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Radio wires (could use the help right now)

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Hey --


I'm working on this project right now around 1:30pm mountain time. If you're looking at the forum, I could use your help.


I'm replacing the factory radio with a Pioneer radio. I can see which wires are the eight speaker wires. Unfortunately, I don't know how to match up the power wires on the old radio with the power wires on the new radio. Can you help?


On the old radio, I see a connector with six power wires of some sort: 1x blue, 1x, gray, 1x orange with white stripe, 1x pink, 1x black, 1x purple with white stripe.


On the new radio, I see four power wires: 1x black, 1x yellow, 1x red, 1x blue. The blue is marked "system remote control", and the yellow is marked "battery positive".


Can someone help me decide which of the new four wires to connect to which of the old six wires? THANKS!

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You will only need two power wires, 1 for constant batt power(saves presets/clock) and 1 switched power that turns radio on when car is started. The blue wire is a remote power that turns on an amp if you install one. You can use a test light to determine which wire is which in the truck for power.


Go to crutchfield and see their wiring diagrams also.


Your black is ground, yellow is constant (batt)power, red is switched and blue is not used unless you have an amp.

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