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FUEL tank parts--vents?

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I don't know where to find the two vents for the top of the tank. I purchased a new one and those did not come with it. They go in the two 1in. holes and connect to hoses that look like vents. I can't get them out of the old tank without destroying them. Can someone point me in a direction.... I have tried all the local auto parts stores... and noone could get them?



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I got mine at the dealer....


...Same, same. "rollover valves" Cost me ~$60.00. BTW, you need them, they vent gas fumes via vacuum tubes to the charcoal cannister which in turn are sucked into the intake to be burned. I was able to just pry the old ones out and shove the new ones in with a bit of lubricant on the grommet.

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